Check out Sting's Christmas and New Year greeting to fan club members!
December 31, 2006 
Be sure to check out Sting's Christmas and New Year video greeting "If today was Christmas Eve..." to all fan club members by clicking the link below.

And remember you can sign Sting's Christmas card and send him a seasonal greeting HERE.


Dec 21, 2006

Rainforest Foundation 2007 Appointment Calendar

Please join the fight against this destruction - and the loss of indigenous rights that comes with it - by purchasing the Rainforest Foundation-US Eleventh Annual 2007 Appointment Calendar...
Dec 20, 2006

Critical acclaim for 'Songs From The Labyrinth'...

Despite only being released in October, 'Songs From The Labyrinth' is the best-selling classical album of 2006, according to the Billboard year-end chart. Check out some of the recent media acclaim for the new album...