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September 17, 2011 
Sting has published two books. 'Broken Music', his memoir published in 2003, spent 13 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list. 'Lyrics', published in 2007, is a collection of lyrics spanning his career. An accomplished author, Sting also enjoys reading a diverse range of books, from fiction to nonfiction, historical to contemporary literature.

Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite book and why would you recommend it to Sting?

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tammiandjim September 22,2011
One of my favorite books is "Bel Canto" by Ann Patchett. One of the themes of the book is how powerful music can be, even in the most difficult of circumstances. It is about a hostage situation, an opera singer, a linguist, and even Stockholm syndrome. I think you would enjoy reading this book. And then, just for fun, a mystery/thriller called "The Good Guy" by Dean Koontz. It is good for the airplane, or when you want something entertaining. A real page turner with surprising plot twists.
Kristing September 20,2011
Journey of souls by Michael Newton
I call it my Bible,as it has answered so many questions about why am i here and what is this earthly life about and much..much more..I beleive that you may find it at least interesting :D
lydia September 19,2011
broken music 2
yes, i suggest "broken music 2" ,if you read it ,my dear Sting; i will be able to read it too!! Me and the whole Sting universe fans,want to know the most popular part of your life! ps. you should read something about Erma Bombeck, she's absolutly so sensitive and she can go staight to your heart.
September 19,2011
Niente di vero tranne gli occhi
This is one of my favorite books, a novel by the italian Giorgio Faletti! I love also Broken Music! :)
cirhs September 18,2011
A fascinating study on the development of literacy against that of the image and the effect on our culture, creativity and inter relationships. Finishes with some interesting thoughts on the future too. I thought it was rather amusing that the first written law, some 3000 odd yrs ago, stated something to the effect that women shall not denounce the male ... such was their priority! ;) Check out the web-site: Pilgrim - Chris J Dean (Canterbury Tales)!
stingchronicity September 18,2011
To The Far Blue Mountains
My pick is a series. By Louis L'Amour Any book written by this man is worth reading..but especially the ones dealing with a family called The Sacketts. They begin as a family from England,living in a marshy area called The Fens during the 1600's. Later, many of them end up in the U.S., some in search of the vast open land they had heard of,and some, to escape a Queens warrant! Much of his writings, including those of "Sacketts" center around the old American West. No one captures the spirit of early American Western culture like L'Amour!! :) His stories are filled with history, and people with a strength of character and goodness so seldom seen. His themes include- legends of pride and honor, sacraficing for those you love,betrayal, and courage. L'Amour published over ninety novels, and twenty-six short story collections. There are over 270 million of his books in print! The reason for this is simple, his beautiful talent with honest words, and good story telling that while straightforward..still makes you think. You wont be able to put them down!!
September 18,2011
The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats
This book (original "Das Herzenhören") by Jan-Philipp Sendker is about a boy in Burma whose reaction to abandonment by his mother is: He gets blind. With loosing one of the senses and the help of people who love him, he learns to find inner strengh, discovers the world of sound and eventually that he can also hear the heartbeat of living beings. Years later in New York, his adult daughter Julia is looking for him since he has disapeared one day without leaving a note. Her mother gives her a loveletter he wrote to a unknown Burmese woman and Julia decides to fly to Burma where she learns the tender, touching story of her father. I had a exraordinary, wonderful time reading this book!
anke65 September 18,2011
Der kleine Prinz (Le Petit Prince)
The narrator and his plane makes emergency landing in the middle of the Sahara, "a thousand miles from any inhabited area away". Then he meets a strange boy, who tells him that he was a prince of a small star With "The Little Prince", leaving Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a magical and wonderfully narrated story. The tale tells of the greatest goods of the earth: friendship, honesty and humanity. As well as innocence and discovery. It further stimulates to dream to and inspired the imagination. The universe - no, life - is a charming place, especially in common with the little Prince. First edition 1943, New York who has not read it at school, should make up for it necessarily.
KiraScurro September 18,2011
Speaker for the Dead
An astonishing book from the master, Orson Scott Card. It makes us understand why we do, and why we don't, comprehend just exactly what is intelligent life.
rai September 18,2011
The Conference of the Birds
I recommend this book from Farid Ud-Din Attar because I know Sting has the key to understand about Sufism and inner truth. Love!
sandrad September 18,2011
agony and ecstasy
This is my favorite book ever. It is biography of Michelangelo Buanarotti by Irving Stone.
stevem September 17,2011
One Train Later
I'd recommend Sting read Andy Summers' book One Train Later. Well written and a good read too. Hope we get a second volume of memoirs one day from you Sting! Hopefully with a an audio version too.
wildflower8 September 17,2011
Forget the film and Mel Gibson! This lovely story by Colleen McCullough (Thorne Birds, First Man In Rome, Magnificent Obsession)is touching from beginning to end. When a financially secure spinster helps a mentally challenged young man, a friendship developes and it leads to a very different kind of love that saves them both from life of loneliness. Keep a hankie at hand when you read this book.
Lafcadio September 17,2011
The Lost Steps
This 1953 novel by Alejo Carpentier translated from the Spanish is a book I read in my youth and it moved me even though its complexity overreached my complete understanding. It is a book of a journey of many levels, and of the many subjects involved, music and the Indigineous South American culture are two. It is on my bedside table to reread and rediscover. It is difficult to choose only one book, so I will add Snow Country by Yasnuari Kawabata an early favourite of mine and one that deals with the concept of mono no aware. I realise that Sting may very well know these works, but such are my choices. Cheers.
KimW September 17,2011
A book that makes you think.
Hi there my book isn't as profound as most of these books, but it makes you really wonder what your faithful companion thinks. My book is : The Art of Racing in the Rain By: Garth Stein It's a wonderful book.
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