25 Days Countdown: Day 4
September 29, 2011 
Only 5 days left and today, we're excited to premiere Sting: The Solo Years!

In this hour-long radio special, hosted by acclaimed music journalist Anthony DeCurtis, Sting reflects on his enduring 25-year solo career and offers commentary and insights on each of his solo albums. This previously unreleased program also includes audio tracks spanning his entire solo catalogue.

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Sting: 25 Years
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  Sting: The Best Of 25 Years
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stingchronicity September 30,2011
That is how all of this 25 years stuff has made me feel. Reflective and festive :) Enjoyed this !
salama September 30,2011
This was very interesting. I liked the new version/remix of Never Coming Home very much. I think it is even better than the version on Sacred Love album, which is very good also.
spfarrell September 30,2011
Great Interview
Re: the hour - it's in multiple parts.
spfarrell September 30,2011
Great Interview
Maybe radio stations have 42 minutes of commercial time added between the good stuff?
surpata September 29,2011
Not an hour only 18 minutes : (
In the jukebox it's only approx. 18 mins. but the summary above says an hour long interview. What gives? Will this be available as a podcast or something downloadable? Thanks Tina Dave and Wendy. ~Josh/surpata
iburn4u September 29,2011
Listening now
This is great. Brings to mind his sit downs with Timothy White although without the direct interaction of Timothy and Sting in the discussion.


Sep 28, 2011

Sting at 60 looks back, and ahead - and talks to USA Today...

On a bright, crisp mid-September morning, Sting - singer, songwriter, actor, environmental advocate, yoga and tantric sex enthusiast - strides into his record company's Midtown offices looking, predictably, fit as a fiddle. Under the altogether sunny circumstances, it's surely not too early to wish him a happy birthday. Or is it? "I've still got two sexy weeks left," Sting points out when the subject comes up, eyebrows raised in mock defiance...
Sep 28, 2011

Sting: Putting Together Box Set was 'Like Archaeology - We found little things that got buried in the mix...'

In the next few months, Sting will celebrate his 25th anniversary as a solo artist (and his 60th birthday) with a new box set and theater tour. The biggest party, though, will be the October 1st benefit he's throwing for the Robin Hood Foundation in New York, where he'll be joined by Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel and many more. For Sting, the show is both a celebration and chance to give back. Rolling Stone spoke with him backstage at the iHeartRadio festival last weekend about fame, looking back, current music and the relationships in his life as he turns 60...