The world loses 1 acre of rainforest per second. Help end this and take the Live Below the Line Challenge...
May 07, 2012 
The world loses 1 acre of rainforest per second. Help end this & take the Live Below the Line challenge. Please visit

Millions of indigenous peoples around the world depend on rainforests for their health, well being, and livelihoods. But the world loses 1 acre of rainforest each second. This puts millions of indigenous peoples increasingly at risk of losing their traditional lands and natural resources and falling into extreme poverty.

The Rainforest Foundation helps indigenous people protect and defend their lands and livelihoods. We work in partnership with indigenous groups to secure rights to their lands, influence laws and policies to protect their resources, and build strong and sustainable community leadership.
pumkin May 13,2012
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Where is the message board?
t_treetops May 11,2012
Education is the key. Man is Aware of what destruction does,man also has the remedy to heal.Man knows how to give and how to take. Money is mere paper.Paper comes from trees and be continued


May 03, 2012

Levon Helm, Rosanne Cash, Carly Simon & Others Perform "Toast To Freedom" To Celebrate Amnesty International's 50th Anniversary...

Amnesty International has released "Toast To Freedom," a new and exclusive commemorative song dedicated to human rights activism around the world and performed by nearly 50 artists, including the late Levon Helm, Kris Kristofferson, Carly Simon, Rosanne Cash, Angelique Kidjo, Ewan McGregor, and many more. "Toast To Freedom," which celebrates Amnesty International's 50th anniversary, is available for purchase via online retailers worldwide at (proceeds benefit Amnesty International)...
May 01, 2012

Please Help Raise Awareness Of The Link Between Rainforest Destruction and Poverty...

Please help raise awareness of the link between rainforest destruction and poverty. Check out this video and please support this global movement. For more information, visit