The 2013 Membership Package...
January 22, 2013 


Take your experience to a new level of access and benefits, including...

Gain access to live event ticket sales and special packages before the general public. (Please note, membership provides the earliest available access to tickets for many concerts and special events, but cannot always guarantee them.)


Exclusive, collectible shirt only for members. (We'll be asking members to vote on the design from various options. Stay tuned for details!)

First access to backstage interviews, behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage, studio takes, and archived news document Sting's career. Members get rare, inside perspectives.

Also, gain access to the 'Labyrinth,' the official Sting online community and message boards.

Members receive a 25% coupon good for one purchase in the official store. (Now shop in Pounds, Euros or Dollars!)

Members receive discounts between 5% - 25% on all items in the store.

We often have something cool and fun happening for our members. Contests, exclusive concerts, ticket giveaways, merchandise giveaways, and more.

Annual membership costs $45 for first time members, and now costs only $40 for renewing members.

If you are not yet a member, open your user profile and get started here.

If you are currently a member but would like to renew your membership now, click here.

If you are logged in with a free user profile or an expired membership account, you can upgrade your account to a full paid member account here.
SheriSheehan January 26,2013
How do you order the T-shirt and obtain the 25% off coupon?
urotsukidoji January 25,2013
when do we get shirts etc.
I never got anything for the last year, or before.


We only had the tee-shirt last year, nothing the year before. Visit and select Fan Club Shirt and forward your enquiry to Live Nation to investigate.
aboland January 22,2013
presale tickets
If I pay to become a member, what's the maximum number of presale tickets I can buy?


ERICHANTAL January 22,2013
Just wondering how the presale works... I'm a new paid member and the presale tickets for Summerside PE is suposed to be on thursday of this week... do you receive an email to promp you to the presale or do you have to find it on your site? tks
eabrmt January 22,2013
Does Kingston, ontario have pre-sale tickets.. how do i navigate to this option? cheers
bigchinasean January 22,2013
another t-shirt
Where is the imagination???? I really feel like they don't try anymore. The video content??? I never received my coupon for 25% off... etc.
Ksnow January 22,2013
Pre-sale Tickets
Just wondering how many pre-sale tickets I can buy with my membership? Thanks
stingcom January 22,2013
Yes, only paid members can access our ticket presales.
SuzanneFudge January 22,2013
Do you need to paid membership to access presales?
stingcom January 22,2013
To cristine1
Cristine - click on the User Profile button in the top right hand corner when you are logged into the site. The information will be shown on the page that then loads.
cristine1 January 22,2013
dues ae due when?
Hi, just wondering if you could tell me when my annual membership fee is due? I don't want to be late with payment. Thanks! Cristine
wernerheel January 22,2013
I see..
So, this is exciting announcement?
wernerheel January 21,2013
This is exciting announcement?


Jan 09, 2013

A Day On The Road With... Richie Mazzetta

Check out the latest Virtual Ticket video featuring guitar technician Richie Mazzetta as he discusses a typical day on the Back to Bass tour. This is just part one of a series, so stay tuned over the coming weeks for more with Richie…including the most memorable prank he ever pulled while on the road!
Jan 04, 2013

North Musicians Supergroup In Bid To Save Newcastle City Hall...

A Supergroup of North East musicians have joined forces to release a single aimed at saving one of Newcastle's iconic venues. Written by songwriter Steve Daggett, the track, 'Save The City Hall', features Roxy Music's Paul Thompson, Lindisfarne's Ray Jackson and Charlie Harcourt, ex-Sting counterpart John Hedley, bass player Steve Martin and the group Prelude. The group hope the song will encourage more people to join protests to keep open the 85-year-old venue, which is currently under threat because of budget cuts. While any money raised through its sale will be donated to support North East children's charities...