I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Acoustic)
October 28, 2016 

“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Acoustic Version)” out now! New album “57 th & 9th” coming November 11.

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urotsukidoji November 10,2016
is the acoustic version on the CD?
is this on any version of the album?
JMC1969 November 06,2016
Simply Brilliant
This sounds so good can't wait to hear all the new album


Oct 28, 2016

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Acoustic)

“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Acoustic Version)” out now! Listen here.

New album “57th & 9th” coming November 11.

Oct 27, 2016

Alexander Armstrong covers 'Fields Of Gold' on his new album 'Upon A Different Shore'...

Alexander Armstrong - actor, comedian and tv presenter has a new album out on which he covers a wide variety of different songs, including 'Fields Of Gold'. The accompanying video was filmed in both Armstrong's and Sting's native north east and features Dunstanburgh castle. Armstrong said "We had the idea to create beautiful soundscapes with textures of orchestra, acoustic instruments, voice and choirs to take the listener to somewhere quite magical…a different shore! On paper it looks like madness, but in reality I’m thrilled with the results."