Bid on a Signed Photo of Sting to Help Send a Piano to Cuba...
November 02, 2016 

Cubanos en UK are auctioning this vintage signed photo of Sting to help raise funds to send a piano from London to the Amadeo Roldan music school in Havana, Cuba. 

The project Send a piano to Cuba was initiated by Cuban pianist Eralys Fernandez with support from Cubanos en UK, to send a piano as a donation from London to the Amadeo Roldan music school in Havana. Despite being one of the most prestigious institutions in Cuba, its existing pianos are in a poor condition. The Conservatory has struggled to get access to new pianos and there are no piano producers or retailers on the island. 

Cuba is famous for its rich history in the arts and culture; providing free education to the highest of standards for all its citizens. The Conservatory Amadeo Roldán is free for all its students. However, despite the Cuban government’s investments in education, they lack many of the resources, equipment or infrastructure needed to support that provision. In the case of music schools such as the Amadeo Roldan, instruments and related accessories are often scarce. What they have is often worn down. 

You can bid at



Nov 01, 2016

Sting interview in The Straits Times...

At all of 65 years old, with a remarkably full head of hair and a well-exercised body filling out a tight black T-shirt, British musician Sting is wholeheartedly embracing the process of being an ageing rock star. That is if ageing has anything to do with being reconciled with mortality, not being called "grandpa" and non-retirement plans. "I do the job of a 25-year-old, I'm fitter than most 25-year-olds..." 

Nov 01, 2016

Preorder "57th & 9th" from HMV to access ticket presale for UK tour dates...

Pre-order any format of Sting's new album '57th & 9th' from HMV to get priority pre-sale access to his very special '57th & 9th' UK tour dates in 2017. (Dates to be announced soon). Fans who pre-order the album online will receive an email with details on how to redeem their pre-sale code 48 hours before the UK pre-sale tickets go on-sale...